University of Ljubljana



University of Ljubljana (UL) is the oldest and largest higher education, scientific research institution in Slovenia. It is an autonomous educational, scientific research and artistic institution of higher education with special status. 

The bodies of UL are: Rector, Senate, Administrative Board and Student Council. The bodies of the University Member are: Dean, Senate, Academic Assembly, Administrative Board and Student Council. UL is represented by the Rector. The UL encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study, exchanges results of achievements in science and art with other universities and scientific research institutions, thus contributing to the Slovenian and world knowledge treasury as well contributing to the transfer of these achievements among students and other users. UL consists of 23 faculties and 3 academies and 3 associate faculties. UL has more than 5.970 employees; three quarters of them are university teachers, assistants and researchers. UL is the largest university of Slovenia with more than half of postgraduate students and more than 80% of doctoral students. Thus UL contributes half to the national research results.

The Faculty of Social Work (FSW), as one of the members of the UL, is the only institution in Slovenia, which educates social workers. Methods of work developed by FSW are foundations of contemporary social work (counselling, group work, community work, work with families, work with children and youth). Through achievements in voluntary work, action research and qualitative research has contributed innovative solutions in the field of social care (social work with families, child protection, and school social work). Innovative teaching methods link theoretical considerations with work experiences, which is an important part of study and practical work training for social work skills. Students are constantly involved in practical, research and developmental projects.


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