Municipality of Cervia

Municipality of Cervia


The Municipality of Cervia (about 30.000 inhabitants) is located along the Adriatic Sea, sorrounded by the cities of Ravenna (North-West), Cesena (West) and Cesenatico (South).

Cervia is famous for being an important touristic resort in the Emilia-Romagna Region coast, but first of all it is very well-known as an ancient salt town. Even if salt production does not represent anymore the most important source of income for the town, the saltpans of Cervia still play a fundamental role in the development of the naturalistic, historical and cultural tourism both at local and national level.

Moreover, Cervia is rich in natural beauties (pinewoods, a natural park, etc.), traditions, culture, history and hospitable places and its territory provides many attractions for tourists looking for wellness, entertainment and relax.


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